The Fibreglassing Workshop with John Dickens is on the 20th Feb which is only next week! How quickly things come around....

Details for the workshop can be found on Retro Rides in THIS THREAD. There are only three places left though, so don't be too long in putting your name down.

Anyone coming along, PLEASE try and bring some wood/logs for the wood burner. Warmth is essential on these long playdays and any contribution of wood will help keep everyone from freezing.

See you all there this weekend.

6 January 2010

Hidden Gems

Yesterday I popped into the tyre place next to Area 52 to finally get the tyres fitted to the remaining Rascal alloys.

The last few times I've been past I've noticed on older Mitsubishi Colt being worked on in one of the fitting bays. It looked like an ongoing 'project' vehicle, so I decided to find out a bit more about it while I was there.

Under the yellow primer it turns out to be a genuine 1987 Colt Turbo. How many of these do you see around nowadays?? A proper slice of rare Japanese eighties hot hatch.

It got a big vote of OOOF from me and also a secret desire to own. So much potential.

Under the hood was the usual turbo 1.6 but the new owners have fitted an intercooler which, according to the owner, has made a significant impact on the performance. This is combined with nothing more than a new air filter, new HT leads and a full service. Traction issues are now the next thing on the agenda.

Some rust to be dealt with on the rear arches but it looks like the owners are going to be doing a decent job of getting the car sorted. Full spray job due once the rust is fixed and traction issues improved. I'll be lending them some of my alloys this coming weekend in a bid to convince them to fit some suitable retro wide wheels.

I'm liking this car a LOT!!

Oh.....and the Rascal Vecs look fantastic with their new tyres fitted. I've now got a choice of 6" or 7" to go on the rear. Happy boy, trial fitment on the wee van sometime this weekend.

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  1. Wow, a buddy of mine used to have one of those Colts in super shiney red. Went like a rocket.
    Them wheels are gonna soooo cool on the Rascal!