The Fibreglassing Workshop with John Dickens is on the 20th Feb which is only next week! How quickly things come around....

Details for the workshop can be found on Retro Rides in THIS THREAD. There are only three places left though, so don't be too long in putting your name down.

Anyone coming along, PLEASE try and bring some wood/logs for the wood burner. Warmth is essential on these long playdays and any contribution of wood will help keep everyone from freezing.

See you all there this weekend.

3 January 2010

Sunday Sort-out

Well it all started as a day of fail!

Morgs arrived to collect the trailer only to find it blocked in by Kibby (away for the weekend) so it ain't going anywhere for now! Instead he decided to unload the Audi of spare parts and get them stored in the racking and have a general sort-out while he was at it.

Meanwhile I was supposed to be taking the 'Playday 1' project Fiesta over to Yeovil for Ben. Upon arrival I found the a-frame not where it expected fact I couldn't find it at all. Seems to have been locked away/borrowed, so as well as the trailer....the little Fiesta also ain't going anywhere either.

While getting stuff sorted I received a call from my old pal Jo0Lz - he was in the Bristol area (lives somewhere far oop north) and wanted to pop in for a cuppa/chat/catch-up. He arrived an hour later accompanied by his good lady, Sarah, in his FUCT FIAT which he'd bought and taken on the Sacuta Run last year. Great car, great guy and nice to catch up with him after 4 years of "see you real soon" phonecalls!

This £60 car has done the rounds through Europe. Check out the Facebook pages above ^^

Gotta love a cheap, unloved car that has a great background story and is still in daily use.

Cuppa, chat and lovely catch-up later, Jo0Lz & Sarah head off oop North and I set to work trying to get the unit/racking/workspace a bit more organised ready for the pending playday.

Looking better!

I even managed to get some decluttered space between all the cars, behind the Delica, around the ramp as well as organising all the stuff piled inside the Rascal! Jed (AKA: Area 52 supervisor) approves of the neater workspace

Within a week (if I can lay my hands on the A-frame) this lovely little Fiesta will be delivered to its new home in Yeovil. Most of the Area 52 regulars have a lot of love for this car.

It's going to a good home though and will be staying very much within the Retro Rides/Area 52 community. Good stuff!


  1. Good to catch up Bruce . . . can't believe it has been four years since we last saw each other . . . great to meet JeDsTeR [good job we didn't have our HoLLyDoG with us!] Will have to make an effort to bring FF to Area52 again; maybe for one of your PLayDays [though I'm busy Jan'10] All the best, Jo0Lz

  2. Was great to see both you & Sarah, just a shame its been so long! Prob a good job you didn't bring the dog - I doubt I'd have one left otherwise :D (unless she's calmed down since I last nearly got mauled by her?? LOL)