The Fibreglassing Workshop with John Dickens is on the 20th Feb which is only next week! How quickly things come around....

Details for the workshop can be found on Retro Rides in THIS THREAD. There are only three places left though, so don't be too long in putting your name down.

Anyone coming along, PLEASE try and bring some wood/logs for the wood burner. Warmth is essential on these long playdays and any contribution of wood will help keep everyone from freezing.

See you all there this weekend.

24 January 2010

Playday dates: Get your diaries ready!

You heard it here first, these are the dates for the next few months Playdays:

January - 30th: Preparing the unit
February - 20th: Fibreglassing workshop
March - 20th: Intro to welding workshop
April - 10th: 'Special' welding workshop (* see below)
April -29th ('the' tour): Details to be confirmed (**see below)
May 15th - Project Car

These are now set and have been posted up so that you can book them in your diaries.
All future playdays will involve work on the project car on the Sundays (if you're up for're more than welcome to tinker on your own car if you need?). This is so that we can have the focus on a specific activity on the Saturday daytime.

* This 'Special' welding workshop is limited to 20 people. Details of how to put your name down will be posted in February.

** This is the 'Area 52 on Tour' weekend and will mean taking Friday 30th April off work. Leaving Bristol on Thursday 29th in the evening approx 8pm giving you time to get to A52 from work. If travelling from afar, you might need to leave work early on the Thursday? We will be returning on Monday 3rd May which is the Bank Holiday Monday. Details of this event will be posted up in February.

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